Introduction by the Chairman

The International Medical Department (iMed) was established in Kyushu University Hospital in April 2015. Its aim is to promote globalization of the hospital and to contribute to medicine, education and research that will benefit the whole world. This organization was established after the approval of internationalization plans by the University Renovation/Activation Committee as one of only five accepted proposals from 37 applications.

Our department includes three centers, the Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC), which has been providing remote education programs for over 10 years, the International Patient Support Center (IPAC), which supports foreign patients, and the Overseas Exchange Center (OVEX), which facilitates international exchanges and helps to encourage staff to broaden their outlook and become more globalized. These three centers work independently but cooperate to improve internationalization.

With new leadership from one full and one associate professor, we will make our hospital a hub to connect Japan with Asia and beyond, and to support interactive communications around the world.

International Medical Department
Chairman  Shuji Shimizu, MD, PhD