The International Medical Department (iMed) consists of three centers, the Overseas Exchange Center (OVEX), the Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC) and the International Patient Support Center (IPAC). OVEX promotes international exchanges among medical staff. TEMDEC is establishing a practical network for international remote medical education. IPAC encourages the acceptance of foreign patients from both Japan and elsewhere. All staff in iMed can speak English. Teachers in each diagnosis and treatment department will cooperate under the director and vice-director of iMed.

Overseas Exchange Center (OVEX)

OVEX aims to develop global human resources. It promotes international exchanges among medical staff, such as overseas training and visits from foreign medical staff and researchers. OVEX also supports foreign visitors to ensure that they have a comfortable and meaningful stay.

Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC)

The aim of this center is to establish effective and consistent medical communications among Asian countries, using super-fast Internet and advanced technology.

International Patient Support Center (IPAC)

IPAC provides advanced patient care for foreign patients, and make an international contribution as an advanced medical center in Asia. Foreign patients are considered to be foreign citizens living abroad, Japanese people living abroad, or foreign citizens living in Japan.